Accessibility Law

Marko & Magolnick, P.A. has broad experience in the area of accessibility rights and compliance on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We have advocated on behalf of various national and regional civil rights organizations to bring governments, healthcare facilities, schools and various other covered accommodations into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act, and other related federal and state accessibility laws. For almost 20 years, we have been pro bono counsel to Access Now, Inc., one of the most respected accessibility rights organizations. We have also helped many businesses navigate accessibility claims at minimal expense.

Our firm has…

  • brought hundreds of healthcare facilities in the United States into compliance with the ADA;
  • supervised the implementation of accessibility programs for the largest rental car company in the United States;
  • worked to ensure accessibility for many governmental institutions for entire programs and services;
  • worked with prominent national disability rights organizations to ensure compliance with federal mandates for voting rights for persons with disabilities;
  • fought to ensure accessibility with regard to South Florida hurricane shelters;
  • negotiated standards for accessible designs, deviations, and tolerances used to create industry standards for utilization by purchasing organizations; and
  • certified as class counsel in six national class action cases, creating accessibility for million of persons with disabilities.